Month: January 2019


On these days I decided to tune a bit my new shiny linux server box. I started to set up fail2ban. I think fail2ban is very imporant nowadays because it is a good example of a tool for slowing down attacks without closing your server too much. Fail2ban is a daemon: it wll monitor your …

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?FileSystem is faster than RAM [under your Operating System]

I am studying Apache Kafka (a “distributed streaming platform”) and I stubled upon this conclusion: the “disk read fear” a lot of projects have in the past, is a fake. A lot of distributed database started tutorial with the statement “disk read are slow, write are fast” which is true to some extent, and accounted …

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Nel 1492 Colobo scoprì l’America scommettendo sul fatto che la terra fosse tonda. In realtà c’erano parecchie prove indirette, ma nessuno lo aveva ancora dimostrato, e soprattutto i rischi di andare per mare erano altissimi. Ora girano per internet teorie complottiste che Inizio a pensare che ci sia un limite alla quantità di informazione che …

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