Squeak 4.2 final now out! « The Weekly Squeak

Squeak4.2-10966.zip is now available at http://ftp.squeak.org/4.2. This is intended to be the actual-released 4.2 image, unless, as Chris Muller says, “we find some problem, which we won’t!”.

Squeak 4.2 final now out! « The Weekly Squeak.

We read on the startup:

A new virtual-machine, known as “Cog”, is about to be released for Squeak.  It’s a complete rewrite from the ground-up, employing a Context-to-Stack mapping design onto which a JIT compiler for Intel-compatible hardware results in, roughly, a 3X, across-the-board performance improvement.  Specific Benchmarks vary much more widely (from 1x to 5x, with some people claiming 10x for specifics.

Plus, latest squeak feature a Cleaned-up code base, refactoring and unification of Smalltalk and SmalltalkImage globals and much more! Give it a try!