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The English New Year Intro:

Hi all readers,
the last reports show the lack of articles was a major issue for

My time was heavily compressed by my forthcoming baby (I will dad in a few months guys!).

Also my Job as Senior Consultant required a lot of my energy.

Gioorgi is bi-lingual, so the English guys can expect articles on the following:

  • Software trends
  • RedScorpion Code snippet
  • A new look, which will slowly grows in the next months

And now the Italian intro:

Un caloroso e felice 2010 a tutti i lettori di
Purtroppo a causa di motivi personali (un bimbo in arrivo a maggio) e del troppo lavoro, negli ultimi mesi non sono riuscito a dedicarmi a come dovevo.

Nel tentativo di conciliare le nuove esigenze, ecco quello che troverete sul sito nel 2010:

  • Articoli tecnici di informatica in inglese
    Mi dispiace ma “English is the king of IT” e per rendere più aperto il confronto con le miriade di sviluppatori su Internet, non posso usare l’italiano. RedScorpion è l’etichetta che raggruppa tutti questi aspetti.
  • Storie di follia, magia e simpatia, di cui già avete avuto un assaggio, molto apprezzato
  • Un pizzico di politica, ma a caso e quando serve.
  • Recensioni di libri, vecchi e nuovi
  • Un nuovo look, essenziale ma che sarà sempre più curato con il passare del tempo.

Gioorgi IT Observer

Every Year, Giovanni consider some “trends”  based on his consultant experience.
This trends have been gathered in the last six months, and are printed  at regular basis.
This thoughts  are note merely “preference”, but are strong opinions based on IT firms products, cleared by buzz-words and soap-opera-like scoop (like “Wired”  bad ideas are :).

CMS Market is still facing PHP simplicity versus huge software house products.

Druapl & WordPress are good.
Drupal is an ace if you are very dynamic needs. For instance, multi-language sites, forums, polls and so on are a snap to install. But if usability is a concern, choose wordpress. joomla/Mambo are not so good in my own opinion, but I’d like to her a comment from you.

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Second life: finalmente è morta l’idea che fosse trendy

A non siamo avvezzi a credere a tutto quello che dice la stampa.

Per parecchio tempo, il fenomeno “Second Life” ha imperversato sui media: sembrava che se tu non avessi un avatar, un negozio virtuale, un’ “isola politica” o un’attività piazzata su second life saresti stato etichettato come “sfigato digitale”.

In questi giorni è stata rilanciata la notizia secondo cui second life stia andando sempre peggio. Repubblica lo aveva già rilevato mesi fa, ma ora è chiaro il tracollo: su 15 milioni di utenti, solo poco più di 480.000 hanno abitato l’ultima settimana di Second Life (SL for friends). Un  sistema in cui per svagarsi è necessario spendere denaro vero, ed in cui la tua identità non è verificata sa di new economy old style (quella esplosa con la bolla del 2001, per intenderci).

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Network computer: revisited

The Network Computer was a bad idea born in the middle of the ’90, and ended up to be completly wrong. Anyway, the current software tecnologhy (like AJAX, Google Gears, the psedo-new-ms-windows os called midori) can be helpuful to sketch a new idea of operating system.

The network computer fails because it pretends to store all information (program, user data) on the server. Worst, it pretends a fee for application usage. But users preferred a buy-one model, because they didn’t like the renting model

In the NC world the Software company will also hold all you private documents,  a very security concerns.

And the software company must guarantee also nobody will look your important market strategy stored on a corel draw excel. This things costs too much.

Even Apple is trying to remove DRM from Apple Store, selling some titles without it. The reason is simple: apple needs to upgrade its copy protection scheme, for avoiding some hacker will be able to crak it. But this costs too much!

Let’s see what we can think now, after 10 years, a bunch of iPhone/EEPC out of there and Open Source full of life…

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Software Trends1

The trends of this october are about some upcoming products.
A clear analisys of QuarkXPress failure si sketched in roughlydrafted site.
I do not think the same consideration can be applied to Vista.

As Joel said, M$ can throw away much money before only starting to see its market reduced.

This lead me to the (hoped?) big fear of M$ for open source.
It is a dream, baby.

Open Source in Italy has success because of high costs of developement library.
When I tried to look for a commercial application to delivery some web graphic stuff, the prices was crazy.
The Open Source solution needed us only to buy a book(!).
Open source deliver a sufficient quality at low mantenance costs.
A smart developer in a 3-people team can set it up and deliver a small project.

If really M$, Sun, IBM’d start fear open source, they can cut their prices of 70% and all the drama will end quickly.

But the truth is Linux is not evloving: it is growing in the SysAdmin area only, popping out old dinosaurs like Sun Servers, replaced by cheap PC.
Sun Servers needs custom monitor and mouse (!) and their price is high compared to equally fast high-end pc.

The server segment is so over-priced that even Apple has succesfully proposed its over-priced servers (this is very fun!).

In the last five years I have seen no new on operating systems, or strong standard evolution.
EJB specs seems quite dead, hibernate is old, and the only “new” ideas are RubyOnRails and… PHP5.

On programming languages python seems growing well.

By the way there is much hypo on Ruby, but its base class library is very small compared to python or perl.

Ruby community is very well organized and can eventually bring Ruby to success, but for the meantime I see more success on PHP if you need a rock solid road.

Finally I have started to work on Squeak Smalltalk Weekly News, and I suggest you to look at it sometimes.