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On November 12, 2010 SearchBlox  announced the availability of SearchBlox Search Software as a completely FREE product.


I took a look to SearchBlox on a  complex project, and I suggest you to give it a try. It is a good solution for small sites, and it is powered by Lucene. Google Mini has a strong brand, but it cost a lot and it had a 2-year resubscription process: a very costly stuff.

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WolframAlpha A new type of search engine

Hi World.
I didn’t lost a bit of  grip on edge news, altrought now I am married!

In the first days of May we read about a new serach engine, called WolframAlpha.

The idea behind WolframAlpha are interesting, so we will take a close look to it.

Slashdot is following the engine very tightly (“Wolfram Alpha Launches Tonight, On Camera”, published  on May 16) ans so will do

[UPDATED! Google Squared is out of there!!]

First published on May 18th, 2009

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Site redesign

This article has been retained for hisorical reasons. In this article we refers to a site discontinued on August 2008

After some time, I have decided to start redesigning the content and the look of
I have slightly reduced the tags section, over-simplifying the access to my huge set of articles. With over 100 posts, there is no need of so much tags.
The search engine will help you to find old articles: do not worry anyway, permalinks will remain valid for a long time!

For a short introduction to the new site look, follow this link

In the next weeks you will see a new site look too, clean and clever… like no one before. Stay tuned!
Updated 14 May 2008: Site redesign is in progress. You will find the new site for the 23th of May. Comments are always wellcome!

Updated 21 may 2008: The basic look is finalized, and will not change.

Updated 6 June 2008: Suggested resolution is 1024×768 or higher. The page is dynamically rendered, anyway an 800×600 resolution is discuraged. Fixed some broken links