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Code Zauker 0.0.6 & 7 Double hit!

And so you was waiting for news? Nice to impress you: I was able to shot two code zauker versions in less than a month! Code Zauker, the yet-another-google-code-indexer  based on redis is happy to impress you with new features: Better web interface Powerful multi-processor indexer (mczindexer) Better documentation on the readme on github,  con ready-to-use …

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Help Daitan find a Sql solution for codezauker

In my code ramblings during the developement of Code Zauker, I ended up studing a bit NoSql  database. Code zauker started using Redis, because Redis is a very bold memory-based no-sql db. Redis also support complex data type like sorted set, lists and so on, which was very userful. Anyway I needed a very fast …

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Time Machine use and internals

Do you want to know how to backup your mac via wi-fi, or how time machine is designed? This site will give you tips but also plenty of information. Last but not least, tricks like Making a Lion Install disc or partition are worth a read.

Da Python a Ruby o vicerversa

Preludio L’ultima volta che ho provato Ruby è stato nell’aprile del 2005. Avevo sviluppato un paio di progetti di test in RubyOnRails, che allora era già produttivo. Ruby era affascinante, ma la libreria base mi sembrava ancora in stato embrionale e lo abbandonai. RubyOnRails non mi è mai sembrato avesse un vantaggio competitivo rispetto a …

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