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Mailing List Options

If you need to set up a mailing list, I will suggest two choices: An open source email campaign manager, with an hosted option The Free account has an unlimited number of contacts,  but a 300 message per month limit. Commercial hosted solution. Very nice site, with a strong appeal. Free Up to …

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iPad: da rivedere

Le prime impressioni sull’iPad che girano su internet (la “blog-go-sfera”) indicano un prodotto imperfetto: il tempo ci dirà se  va certamente nella giusta direzione. La prima lamentela è sul peso (sui 700 grammi), che è eccessivo: viene riportato sia dal reporter del corriere, che da slashdot: Due note negative: lo schermo è lucido e quindi …

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Web2Py Absolute trouble Shooter

Do you want develop web applications in a fast, prototype based way using Python? Follow us and learn how to use web2py…. Step 1: Python 2.6 proper setup On Linux be sure to install sqlite development library; the following command will help on RedHat:

for the yum variant see here Install python 2.6, this …

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Apple la strategia del 2010

Abbiamo fatto una rapida analisi dell’ Apple iPad in un articolo precedente: vediamo questa volta come l’iPad si inserisce in una possibile strategia globale dell’azienda di Cupertino. La maggior parte delle osservazioni che faremo sono corroborate da accadimenti storici, il resto sono previsioni di breve termine ma illuminanti.

Web Testing Tools

Testing is important. Testing web interfaces is difficult, and often your consultant company prefer to suggest you a manual-based testing. But is it so difficult to do automatic web testing using open source software? Let’s give a look to two nice web testing software Warning: this article is still in progress: it has been published …

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Come trasferire le email da Outlook Express a Apple Mail su Snow Leopard « Ac^2.0 Blog

Da, leggiamo questo suggerimento su come trasferire le email da Outlook al vostro Mac: Nel mio recente passaggio a MacOsX, uno dei problemi che ho dovuto risolvere è stato il trasferimento delle email dal vecchio PC ( Outlook Express su WinXp) a Mail di Apple. Ho installato un mail server sul PC (hMailServer),creato un account …

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Gioorgi IT Observer

Every Year, Giovanni consider some “trends”  based on his consultant experience. This trends have been gathered in the last six months, and are printed  at regular basis. This thoughts  are note merely “preference”, but are strong opinions based on IT firms products, cleared by buzz-words and soap-opera-like scoop (like “Wired”  bad ideas are :). CMS …

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MySQL Installing MySQL on Mac OS X

If you’re trying to use MySQL with phpMyAdmin, you’ve set up the phpMyAdmin’s, and you’re getting an error saying “Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client”, you need to set the password on the mysql command line using the OLD_PASSWORD(‘password’) routine. For example: tcsh: mysql mysql> SET PASSWORD …

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