Month: December 2016

Oracle Auto increment trigger HOWTO

Oracle SQL Developer is full of nice feature, damned by a overwhelming options pane, like the one I will describe to you right now. Even if  Oracle databases (<12) does not support auto increment, you can easily ask to your sql data modeler to generate for you a sequence and a trigger in a automatic …

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2017 Site redesign

After 6 years, is in “redesign mode”: site design is evolving! New Site design will slowly roll out in the next month: stay with us until mid-January for new feature articles. New shiny WordPress theme is on the go: menu bar and layout will “pop” during the next three weeks. domain has been …

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West world: lento lento lento

-Tieni sceneggiatore, il soggetto è questoquà (<paft>, rumore di sceneggiatura sul tavolo). -Hum signore ma ci sarà materiale per massimo 3-4 puntate qua… -Dobbiamo farne dieci e pure uno spunto (cliffhanger) per una seconda serie. Allunga le cose -Dottò ma è impossibile… -Aho provacé!….