Debian perfect work environment

Working in a big company, my work laptop came with MS-Windows7 Enterprise installed.
But as you imagine, Unix is my preferred desktop environment. So let’s how to configure a perfect Debian Linux for a old wolf consultant like me. You will be able to install commercial software mubmo jumbo like Oracle Express and IBM Websphere in a snap, and have a 64 rock solid system, easy to bring in a USB stick if you like.

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Oracle Invalid number ORA-01722

I stumbled upon a very brain-f**k error on Oracle 10g on these days.

Context: the following query


could trigger a Invalid number if CUSTOMER_ID column contains invalid numbers.


Well…if you ask to “explain plan”, you will get something like

  • a table full scan
    • Filter Predicates AND
      • TO_NUMBER(S.SNDG) >2000

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Twitter il gradasso

C’è una cosa fantastica di Internet: se qualsiasi società prova a fare la furba, inserendo delle righe scritte in piccolo quando revisiona la sua API da 1.0 a 1.1, state certi che ci sarà  almeno una persona che si leggerà tutto, troverà la fregatura e sputtanerà la summenzionata società.

E’ quello che è successo con Twitter, e Marco Arment analizza nei dettagli le “novità” della nuova Twitter API che passa dalla versione 1.0 alla 1.1.

Vi rimando all’articolo per i dettagli, ma in buona sostanza Twitter sta cercando di fare in modo che “se voi fate qualcosa di interessante con Twitter, bhe ora dovete collaborare con noi…per continuare a farlo….”:

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Windows x64: 32bit Odbc vs 64bit Odbc

I run into a very big trouble on these days.

  • My big company delivered to me a Windows7 64bit system (first error)
  • I asked for Office 64 bit and Visio2007 32 bit
  • I tried to connect to Oracle (second error) to reverse engenieer a DB with Visio2007

I got a “driver architecture” error under Visio2007. Launching

(the 32bit guy of the odbc drivers side)
I was able to get the same error… and this was helpful:

It’s important to understand which kind of DSN you have. On an x64 system, you can create an ODBC connection(DSN) on the 32-bit side of the system or on the 64-bit side of the system.

32-bit applications will only see ODBC connections created in the 32-bit side, and 64-bits applications will only see ODBC connections from the 64-bit side. Each kind of application has is own registry.To setup DSN for 32-bit application you must use:


and for 64-bit application you must use:


via Windows x64: 32bit Odbc vs 64bit Odbc « a developer’s breadcrumb.

This  Microsoft KB article explains it.

So I re-installed the 32bit version of the Oracle11g drivers, after ensuirng it was possible.

Remember: on 64bit system, you will probably need a double odbc driver declaration to mix 32 and 64 applications.



Shopping in the IT

Oracle buys BEA and Sun buys MySql.

In reply,Migrosoft is hungry and is watching Yahoo :-)


Any bets on the next money-based-news?

I'm going for

  • Oracle buys Sun: "We need more hardware to run Oracle and WebLogic together! "
  • Google buys Oracle: "We have *even* more hardware…come on!"
  • Apple buys Google: "So nice LOGO", retrodating a bunch of stock options, I suppose.
  • Microsoft buys Apple ("So annoied their are more cool then us!") and shut down all them all so you will end up using their search engine, I hope.


Surely Oracle needed a good application server to push its db.
Sun move seems  a bit strange in my humble opinion: anyway the big competitors in standard dominance (Sun,Oracle,MS) now have all the same stuff: broad used databases and application servers.

Even Apple has acquired FileMaker, pushing it with the "Bento" single-user-oriented db. 

Google has a different approach and a bit different market scope, so do not enter in the plan drafted here.

Sun move is very strange because MySql is not an "enterprise" stuff as in the Sun-way-of-life; normally Sun wants big software which need big computers, to buy at Sun Shop.

MySql should be acquired by Microsoft because of its very light footprint: but it sounds too much open source stuff for this move.