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After creating Misterio, I found this alternative called HarborMaster: Harbormaster is a small utility that lets you easily deploy multiple Docker-Compose applications on a single host. It does this by taking a list of git repository URLs that contain Docker Compose files and running the Compose apps they contain. It will also handle updating/restarting the …

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K8s done right Part 1: start from helm charts

K8s is a very complex beast. But it give you a very good set of security defaults, and it is also a very well done implementation of a microservice application. After installing Docker Swarm on some Customer, we are giving up on Swarm because the Enterprise version was acquired by Mirantis and now is marketed …

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Meltdown and Spectre Mitigation removal

Some time ago I stumbled upon this Hacker News discussion on how disable Spectre mitigation. (For what Meltdown and Spectre is, refer to this article on 2018) It is sad to say but my Intel NUC centrino was slowed down a lot by these mitigation, and the same faith is shared by old Intel server. …

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SQLite, again (updated)

SQLite is slowing becoming a new standard. It is fast, and has a growing number of features. Useful settings PRAGMA journal_mode = wal; PRAGMA foreign_keys = true; Query, set, or clear the enforcement of foreign key constraints. PRAGMA busy_timeout=….; In milliseconds, the busy_timeout is associated with each connection to the database and as such you need …

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Simple method to add historic feature to SQLite

Abstract: Make a database which can be store historic modification is often considered a “secondary” activity, but bad design leads to databases that are difficult to optimize and often not very understandable. In this article we illustrate a simple method that respects the dictates of relational theory & is easy to understand. As a plus …

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How to re-enable right click

Some news site still try in 2021 to disable right click and ability to copy content. These tactis are very very poor, and only block the users not interested in copying/stealing your code. The  idea is to put something like that on body tag: <body oncopy="return false" oncut="return false" onpaste="return false" onbeforecopy="return false" ondragstart="return false" …

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PiHole Lockdown

Securing our privacy, defending our rights is increasing becoming difficult. Who can refrain from using Facebook or GMail nowedays? No one. But my printer downloads update, track down my paper usage too often from my taste. We already reviewed PiHole in the past. After some trial and error, here my suggestions Do not put PiHole …

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