Month: August 2008

Vampata d’amore… video estivo

L’estate è proprio esplosa… per non lasciare soli soletti chi naviga su a Ferragosto, eccovi un simpatico video chiamato “Vampata d’Amore”. Lasciate i vostri commenti più sotto…

Summer is summer

This is the first summer for The Editor-in-Chief has just selected a bunch of article to schedule in the next weeks. September will be a “hot of news” month, whereas October will lead you to “new technical projects”. Keep following (and reading) us!

Projects ideas

Some random application ideas, for the RedScorpion section… Inspired by the Italian Java User Group, I have done a “bet” on two simple project, to look forward them as a “projects for the user and not the technical guys”. The project are only idea at the time of writing, but if you think they can be …

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Network computer: revisited

The Network Computer was a bad idea born in the middle of the ’90, and ended up to be completly wrong. Anyway, the current software tecnologhy (like AJAX, Google Gears, the psedo-new-ms-windows os called midori) can be helpuful to sketch a new idea of operating system. The network computer fails because it pretends to store …

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