Web2Py Absolute trouble Shooter

Do you want develop web applications in a fast, prototype based way using Python?

Follow us and learn how to use web2py….

Step 1: Python 2.6 proper setup

On Linux be sure to install sqlite development library; the following command will help on RedHat:

sudo apt-get install sqlite-devel

for the yum variant see here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/233320/cannot-import-sqlite-with-python-2-6

Install python 2.6, this will avoid the need of additional libraries.

You will also need openssl, so if you haven’t  it issue commands like

sudo apt-get install openssl

and be sure to get also the python wrapper pyOpenSSL hosted here

We happly compiled pyOpenSSL from sources

For more tips and tricks look also at this recipe about Apache Setup, if you need it.

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Web2Py: a python web framework we like

At Gioorgi.com we have used plenty of web frameworks.

Giovanni Giorgi used Seaside,  a lot of PHP frameworks, Java Struts, RubyOnRails, and Python Django.

We have started to look for Web2Py, a compact,  easy to learn  python web framework.

From the most notable feature, it runs also on Google App Engine.
Written by an Italian University professor for teaching web development, spots a very clean design, and a robust security infrastructure.
We  suggest it because installation (and upgrading) is a snap.

Let’s take a look to it…

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