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dos2unix for poor basic unix

October 29, 2015

Do you have cygwin base install right? So no dos2unix…you can convert a windows file to unix format with a small tr command like tr -d '\15\32' < winfile.txt > unixfile.txt I prefer the awk way of life: See also the bash secret power addendum.

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RaspberryPi 2 Model B SD Life Extender

July 11, 2015

“The most dangerous phrase in the language is, We’ve always done it this way” – Grace Hopper I am a very happy owner of a RaspberryPi Model B 2, a quad core ARMv7  computation unit for a price between 45 and 35 €. If you plug only a network cable it can be powered...

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Debian perfect work environment

September 29, 2014
Debian perfect work environment

Working in a big company, my work laptop came with MS-Windows7 Enterprise installed. But as you imagine, Unix is my preferred desktop environment. So let’s how to configure a perfect Debian Linux for a old wolf consultant like me. You will be able to install commercial software mubmo jumbo like Oracle Express and IBM...

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Bash secret powers

May 15, 2014

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Unix swissknifeBash scripting has evolved a lot in the last ten years. I get used to relay on bash for all normal “data domination” tasks (like file system refactorings, database extraction and reporting and so on) and switching to python/ruby/perl when the complexity gets...

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Fare il cloud da zero: cloudStorm

August 10, 2010

A ci siamo già occupati di argomenti prettamente sistemistici come la virtualizzazione di ambienti Unix. Visto il successo del Cloud Computing, abbiamo pensato di tornare sull’argomento. In questo articolo mostrerò come creare insieme di macchine configurate in modo omogeno, con il minor effort sistemistico possibile. Si tratta di un primo esercizio molto semplice....

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Dos to unix in emacs

March 23, 2010

To convert an Emacs buffer from DOS line endings to Unix, type C-x f unix .

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quicklook – Project Hosting on Google Code

September 12, 2009

Quick Look is a package to collect system statistics and output pretty graphics and (X)HTML pages. It allows system administrators to have a quick look on the status of their systems, without going for a more advanced (and heavier) solution. Quick Look currently shows… CPU and memory usage Load average and process spawning rates...

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Java HttpClient and Load Balancer bad interactions

May 21, 2009

Working for a very big customer, I found a very nasty interaction between Sun HttpClient (JDK 1.4) and Http  Load Balancers. In a complex network environment, sometimes you can experience low level TCP/IP comunication errors, because sometimes HttpClient get confused and hangs. The bad behavior of Sun HttpClient is well known: some guys suggested...

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A very good hosting provider

March 3, 2009

After my past experience with bad hosting provider, I am happy to say I have find a very good hosting service. If you need VPS hosting, Rimuhosting is a very good choice. After about two years with Rimuhosting, I can summarize their feature here: They have a very good  entry-price for a virtual hosting...

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