Emacs Repeat complex command

A very useful friend to make a elisp function starting from your….last command C-x ESC ESC (translated from C-x <escape> <escape>) runs the command repeat-complex-command (found in global-map), which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in ‘simple.el’. It is bound to <again>, <redo>, C-x M-:, C-x M-ESC. (repeat-complex-command ARG) Edit and re-evaluate last complex command, …

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Emacs absolute minimum setup

Sometimes I need a very very fast start on emacs. If you have the same need, put this in your init.el and live happy: (cua-mode) (setq select-active-region nil) (setq mouse-drag-copy-region t) (global-set-key [mouse-2] 'mouse-yank-at-click)

Emacs Multi cursor!

Some “new” shiny IDE feature smart multi line editing, for instance for easily copy-past a block of code and then modifying it “live”. Sublime text has some feature like this…. and Emacs? Emacs has a package for it called…Multiple cursors! This video on “EmacsRocks” shows you some powerful use Multiple cursors for emacs. https://github.com/magnars/multiple-cursors.el 155 forks. …

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Emacs 64bit for windows

Okey, getting emacs working on Windows is a pain, but we deserve a better editor for us(tm). I havce found a bunch of emacs alternative distributions, and this 64bit build seems a nice shot

Emacs Rectangles

Did you know? Emacs supports killing rectangles of text! Issuing “C-x r k”  (kill-rectangle) will kill a rectangular area of text. This can be very useful when you have fixed-string text you must process. yank-rectangle “C-x r y” will paste it where you like. As usual Emacs rocks!

Solving Emacs Freeze and/or Slowdown on windows7

So you know I need Emacs on every PC I use. On windows7 I stick with a linuxVM when possibile, but sometime you need maximum speed, and EmacsWin32 is a good guy. Then I read the exact description of my problem… Emacs on my Windows 7 work laptop was annoying slow when starting (around 10s). …

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Emacs adventures | HCoder.org

As you know, emacs rocks. This blog post give us an “Emacs Sitemap” for the newbies, and I stress…(edited content…) […] EmacsWiki: you probably already know this one, but it’s pretty useful for a variety of reasons. EmacsRocks / @Emacsrocks: it’s a series of screencasts showing off cool, advanced Emacs features. Each screencast is very …

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Org Mode parser for nodejs is here, right now!

If you love Emacs Org Mode, and you are looking for a JavaScript parser for it, you are in the right place! I have just published an org-mode parser for Node.js, the Javascript based server a lot of guys talk about. This first revision spot more then 20 non-regression tests, and it is ready for …

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Criptare con emacs

Al giorno d’oggi si hanno tanti account, con tante password. Più una password è diversa dalle altre meglio è. Ma come proteggerle, evitando di segnarne sempre il meno possibile? Sotto MacOSX c’è il Keychain, ovviamente incompatibile con windows e linux. Grazie a questo articolo, ho scoperto che emacs ha una serie di integrazioni con i …

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