.NET Corso Base HTML5

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Descrizione del corso:
Introduzione ad Html5 basata su WebForms
Target: certificazione corso 20480B
Repository delle slide e del codice di esempio:
Lingua: Italiano
Tecnologia: Visual Studio 2013 (Trial Supported)
Extra software required: SQL Express


Scaricabili da https://github.com/daitangio/cqrs-journey-code

Code Example speciali

  1. Localization API
  2. Documentazione Localization API

Being Functional F#

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F# is a Microsoft research Language. F# is riding the functional revenge way of the last years. F# is a mixed approach, because some variables can be modified. It borrows a lot of things from Haskell and OCaml  (Wikipedia dixit). F# is not used like Erlang or Haskell but it could be installed with Visual Studio 2010, and as a separate visual studio plug-in. If you need some functional stuff on your .NET architecture,  F# can be your friend.

Take a look to its Survival Guide

dapper-dot-net – Simple SQL object mapper for SQL Server – Google Project Hosting


 Dapper is a single file you can drop in to your project that will extend your IDbConnection interface.

A key feature of Dapper is performance. The following metrics show how long it takes to execute 500 SELECT statements against a DB and map the data returned to objects.

The performance tests are broken in to 3 lists:

  1. POCO serialization for frameworks that support pulling static typed objects from the DB. Using raw SQL.
  2. Dynamic serialization for frameworks that support returning dynamic lists of objects.
  3. Typical framework usage. Often typical framework usage differs from the optimal usage performance wise. Often it will not involve writing SQL.

via dapper-dot-net – Simple SQL object mapper for SQL Server – Google Project Hosting.


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Nei mesi passati ho avuto l’opportunità di lavorare come software architect per un progetto basato su .NET e C#.

Da molti anni non bazzicavo in ambito Microsoft, e quindi è stata una utile palestra. Ho pensato di scrivere questo piccolo manuale per sviluppatori java con la ventura di dover diventare… C#-enabled.

Continue reading “CScharpizzati”

linqbridge – Re-implementation of LINQ to Objects for .NET Framework 2.0 – Google Project Hosting

LINQBridge is a re-implementation of all the standard query operators in Framework 3.5’s System.Linq.Enumerable class. It’s designed to work with the C# 3.0 compiler, as used by Visual Studio 2008. LINQBridge comprises a LINQ to Objects API for running local queries. (It doesn’t include an implementation of LINQ to SQL, nor LINQ to XML; a good compromise can be to force Framework 3.5 out to just the server machines, allowing LINQ to SQL to be used where it’s needed most).

via linqbridge – Re-implementation of LINQ to Objects for .NET Framework 2.0

There are a lot of legacy project out of there. Some customer will ask you to add a simple .NET 2.0 web service to a big application, and they will not switch to C# 3.5 for that.

So it is nice to know LINQ could be backported, also because the LINQBridge code can teach us a lot of things!

For Java Guys:
LambdaJ is a very good alternative to LINQ, and it rocks too!