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Make my Macbook Pro Hibernate | Geeked Info

October 13, 2009

I have found a beautiful trick to hibernate my brand new mac book pro: I don’t like to waste battery life, especially when traveling. I love the Hibernate feature in Windows, and have all of my laptops set to hibernate when the lid is closed. The few extra seconds it takes to wake up...

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Hibernate Speedest introduction

September 22, 2008

In this article I will introduce you to Hibernate 3 persistence framework. This article is worth to read, because give you a very fast track to Hibernate; I have used this tool for the past six years, when only the good 2.x series was out of there. Then I have the lucky of training two...

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Software Trends1

October 12, 2006

Software trends is a new set of small article I will write. In this small pices I will sketch out the trends of the Software Industry related to web developmenet. Let's give a look at the October 2006

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