Monthly Archives: May 2007

Blue Dragon Revision 2

May 16, 2007

Hi dear spammers, I am an announce. I love you so much I have decided to auto delete spam comments not already published. As you know, dear spammers, the anti spam on this site (called Blue Dragon) is able to shutup your nasty posts. Now blue dragon can also delete them from our big...

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Ravenna e Ferrara April 2007 twin trip

May 15, 2007

I am very happy to publish a first look of my trip to Ravenna and Ferrara. I went there with two friends (Andrea and Paola)  in April. We enjoy a lot the trip (we also took a bike at Ferrara).Ferrara is bigger then  Ravenna and need about two days to see all the things....

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Il vorrei ma non posso di Rutelli

May 11, 2007

Francesco Rutelli ha  dichiarato che "se fosse stato un semplice deputato, andrebbe al family day". Questa dichiarazione e' a mio avviso penosa e un po' ipocrita. Vediamo insieme perche'...

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