Arduino Car

From the iPad package, you can build a small car. We have started the project two weeks ago. We are still searching for a good set of wheels, so this is a very basic prototype:

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The basic structure is the inner plastic of the iPad package box.

The  car is able to stop if an obstacle is put on the front. On the next releases, it will be able to turn the head and decide what is the best direction (=with the far obstacle)

The car is powered with two set of four AA Batteries. One set is for the Arduino itself, and one for the three servo engines and the Ping))) Sensor.

The red power switch is used to activate the battery pack used for the Servos.

The rear of the car is sustained by a small wheel built with the caps of two plastic mineral water.  The car is still in a very early stage: we plan to extend it in the next weeks. Stay tuned!


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