Why Gioorgi.com is different

Gioorgi.com aims to built a professional site, highly focused on business-applied research, and on economic forces driving IT.

Altrougth Gioorgi.com seems simple, it is carefully designed.

Gioorgi is structured to be easy to surf, and offers a whole set of feature to be a pleasure to read:

  • articles are short
  • new articles are about 1-2 per week, published every Monday.
  • the “Related links” box is fine tuned to be meaningful, and often monitored by the editorial board
  • a powerful set of anti spam keeps the site clean and polite. We are different from other sites. 
  • The look and feel of the page is auto-resizable, based on your display size.
  • A strong caching system offers stunning performance for reference and link. We are hosted on a very good hosting provider, all based on best web technologies out of there.
    Yes, we are slashdot-proof guys!

The reason of all of this effort is simple: Gioorgi.com wants also to be fun to read. For this reason, humor is the most used tags, and about 1/3th of the articles try to have some funny jokes inside, avoiding to be too nerd.

The editorial policies is based on these mainstreams:

  1. the Monday-based posts are scheduled about one month before, and reviewed by the Chief Editor before publishing
  2. Friday relaxing news are short review of smart&original sites out of there
  3. the mid-weeks posts are breaking news, often shorter then Monday articles. They are updated by editorial comments during the day or the forthcoming week. Also special articles on a topic are published in a different day. Obama election is an example of such short articles.

This simple schema guarantee the reader about the freshness of the site, without overelming news with little importance.

For these reasons, Gioorgi.com is different.

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