Objectsroot revamp of posts

Hi all, dear readers (and spammers too… you delight me with your poor tatics)!
Because my job is getting very very boring, and my private life is full of fantastic nights, I have decided to write a bunch of new articles, and stack them on objectsroot.com.

But Because too much to read is bad, the article will be published in a timed way, and you will be able to see the stack and the publish date on the "Recent Posts" column.
And by the way, you needn't to pay for that future articles, like some other nerd sites are used to do….


Blue Dragon Revision 2

Hi dear spammers, I am an announce.

I love you so much I have decided to auto delete spam comments not already published.

As you know, dear spammers, the anti spam on this site (called Blue Dragon) is able to shutup your nasty posts.

Now blue dragon can also delete them from our big database, because it is so easy to isolate spam from true comments.
I will not keep a record of this spam, sorry

Have nice enlarge day, spammers! 

Blue Dragon: Spam Killer

Hi dear spammers!

I have just finished tuning the latest version of my anti spam-blogging-software, and all the spam have been removed. I am glad to see you loosing your time tring to get some poor bucks from your bogous activity. I hope do you click on my google adverties sometimes, as true friends of mine?

It is an hard work…but someone must shut-up spammers… :) 

This hard work is done by Blue Dragon, a super-A.I. module.

It is super A.I. only compared to the "smartness" level of my dear, poor &  stupid spammers. Blue Dragon is built using simple, effective and breezing technology.

Only a  brainless mind will try to attack it… and  there are lot of them out of there.

Bye bye,

 Giovanni  `Daitan` Giorgi