Blue Dragon: Spam Killer

Hi dear spammers!

I have just finished tuning the latest version of my anti spam-blogging-software, and all the spam have been removed. I am glad to see you loosing your time tring to get some poor bucks from your bogous activity. I hope do you click on my google adverties sometimes, as true friends of mine?

It is an hard work…but someone must shut-up spammers… :) 

This hard work is done by Blue Dragon, a super-A.I. module.

It is super A.I. only compared to the "smartness" level of my dear, poor &  stupid spammers. Blue Dragon is built using simple, effective and breezing technology.

Only a  brainless mind will try to attack it… and  there are lot of them out of there.

Bye bye,

 Giovanni  `Daitan` Giorgi