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Docker tips

Use docker in docker to drive docker from a container Working under windows, sometimes docker slow down. Sometimes you need to access to the MobyVM. With this line: docker run --rm -ti -v "/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock" -v /:/host docker sh you run … Continue reading
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Hyper VM Troubleshooting

Sometimes your windows’ HyperV Hypervisor will refuse to start. The problem is tricky because the services seems started if you check them. Also the installation is successful, virtualization is enabled and so on. So what is wrong?
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Docker Shadow of Lights on Raspberry Pi 2/3

Cloud, DevOps, and Microservices are three strong forces are melting together. Containers is the key technology around them. Before docker, horizontal scaling via VM spinning was feasible but a slow speed,¬†compared to the speed of a docker container boot. So … Continue reading
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Docker & containers: uso ideale

Docker is a tool that can package an application and its dependencies in a virtual container that can run on any Linux server. This helps enable flexibility and portability on where the application can run, whether on premises, public cloud, private cloud, bare metal, … Continue reading
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