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Oracle Cloud e K8s

… su tutti i cloud provider “blasonati”,  mentre qui è zero. Questo rende OCI una piattaforma economica per sperimentare su cluster K8s e consente di provare differenti versioni di K8s o ambienti fortemente segregati senza aggravi.
A onor di vero anche …


I am always amused on how complex K8s/Docker Swarm are, and how easy “plain” docker is.

On my humble website I use a bunch of docker containers, and I refrain to use K8s because as far as I can …

Random thoughts on DevOps 2022

… container are gaining traction. Driving force are cloud providers, but this idea can eventually be helpful for some service providers.

K8s + Helm keep going
K8s is “the” abstraction layer for Cloud providers, to some extent.
K8s offers tons of extension …

Evil Open Source

… include you competitors but retain software guys behind the monster. Also be the first fundraiser will help,
Notable examples: Eclipse, K8s
MID Class
Create a big and high quality software. Share the common core and setup a “plugin architecture”.
Sell …