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Resource tuning in K8s

K8s and limits
On K8s, for every pod you can define how much memory and CPU the pod needs. To make things “simpler”, K8s define two set of values: requests and limits, both for CPU and memory.
After some trouble …

K8s done right Part 2: Istio service Mesh

In this second article, I suggest to explore further two simple helm chart for getting a bit more inside K8s.

Loki is a horizontally-scalable, highly-available, multi-tenant log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus. It is designed to …

Oracle Cloud e K8s

… su tutti i cloud provider “blasonati”,  mentre qui è zero. Questo rende OCI una piattaforma economica per sperimentare su cluster K8s e consente di provare differenti versioni di K8s o ambienti fortemente segregati senza aggravi.
A onor di vero anche …


I am always amused on how complex K8s/Docker Swarm are, and how easy “plain” docker is.

On my humble website I use a bunch of docker containers, and I refrain to use K8s because as far as I can …

Random thoughts on DevOps 2022

… container are gaining traction. Driving force are cloud providers, but this idea can eventually be helpful for some service providers.

K8s + Helm keep going
K8s is “the” abstraction layer for Cloud providers, to some extent.
K8s offers tons of extension …

Evil Open Source

… include you competitors but retain software guys behind the monster. Also be the first fundraiser will help,
Notable examples: Eclipse, K8s
MID Class
Create a big and high quality software. Share the common core and setup a “plugin architecture”.
Sell …

Memory Madness 2020

… run with 100MB of RAM. It seems very little nowadays, where an entry-price workstation has 4GB of RAM, right?
K8s needs 2GB to only starts its basic “microServices” api servers and stuff: and 2G is the MINIMUM for a …