Turbo Rascal rulez!

Turbo Rascal is a development environment for the Commodore computers but also for others like NES and so on.

It is a bit different from other IDE because it is based on a Pascal-like language. It is not easy to compile high level programming language on 6502, but Pascal seems to pay its bill well.

What we like

  • A huge set of example (250+) and very good examples even on tiny computer like Vic20
  • A very broad support: not only Commodors 8bit computers, but also NES, Gameboy, Amiga, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, Atari 2600, DOS and more, even some mega65 examples (!)
    A curated list of suggested emulators is provided
  • A very good list of support library, mostly for C/64:
  • Built-in ray tracer

We tested it with VICE emulator and it worked very well. Also the project is alive and its GitHub source code is updated even on these days.

What it is weird

  • The name is quite weird