Org2Blog is a nice Emacs package to blog on WordPress with Org-Mode. You can download it using the ELPA package manager, which is what I have done yesterday night. The Git Hub project page gives you a very clean explanation on how to use it, and a helpful FAQ.

Why it is nice

With this configuration you have a lot of useful features:

  • Emacs Org Mode is fair efficent to write rich content:
    • You can structure your text well
    • You can hyperlink content in a nice way
    • You get also verbatim source code (you need wp-syntaxhighlighter plugin):

      [sourcecode language=”bash” light=”true”]
      #This is a shell fragment
      find / -name '*.org' [/sourcecode]

  • You can use emacs spell checker (with aspell) which is quite good, and supports also more languages then the WordPress default
  • If you add Visual-line-mode as minor mode, you get a very confortable editing experience.

Org2Blog is able to publish your org file only at the meantime, and it is unable to read it back. So it is one way only: a bit annoying. The author provides also in the FAQ a small python script to convert WordPress xml-export back to org-mode structure.