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As you know, emacs rocks. This blog post give us an “Emacs Sitemap” for the newbies, and I stress…(edited content…)


  1. EmacsWiki: you probably already know this one, but it’s pretty useful for a variety of reasons.
  2. EmacsRocks / @Emacsrocks: it’s a series of screencasts showing off cool, advanced Emacs features. Each screencast is very short and focused on one thing. Instant awesome.
  3. EmacsRookie / @EmacsRookie: a blog with articles about different Emacs trips & tricks and features. More geared towards beginners (but my impression is that many people stay “beginners” of Emacs for quite a long time).
  4. Steve Yegge described “10 Specific Ways to Improve Your Productivity With Emacs“. In particular, I’d recommend making Caps-Lock behave as an extra Control key (I didn’t swap, I just have one more Control key), invoke M-x without the Meta key (both C-x C-m and C-c C-m) and being comfortable with the buffer commands. For navigation, apart from incremental search, you can also use ace-jump.
  5. Christian Johansen has an interesting intro article to Emacs Lisp.
  6. hippie-expand is a pretty cool completion system, familiarise yourself with it.
  7. yasnippet. Very cool snippet system. Just have a look at the EmacsRocks screencast on yasnippet.

Give a try to Emacs adventures | HCoder.org.

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