Django is going 1.2

Django Project, a powerful and clean Python Web Framework, is going to relase 1.2 as  the next milestone at the beginning of March.
For the meanwhile, you can grab the Beta2:

As part of the Django 1.2 release process, tonight we’ve released Django 1.2 beta 1, a preview/testing package that gives a little taste of some of the new features coming in Django 1.2. As with all alpha and beta packages, this is not for production use, but if you’d like to try out some of the new goodies coming in 1.2, or if you’d like to pitch in and help us fix bugs before the final 1.2 release (due in April), feel free to grab a copy and give it a spin.

Looking at the release notes we get

  • Object-level permissions
  • Permissions for anonymous users

Development sprints for Django 1.2 will also be taking place at PyCon US 2010, on the dedicated sprint days (February 22 through 25).

If you can, it will worth to look at.