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Once you have recorded a macro, you can save it for later usage on a file (or within your .emacs). The steps to follow in order to get this work, is (1) give a name to the macro, (2) insert it into a buffer.

M-x name-last-kbd-macro RET my-cool-macro-name

then (what I usually do), open a buffer for saving it and insert the macro into it

C-x C-f ~/my-buffer.el ;;open a new (or existing one) file.

M-x insert-kbd-macro RET my-cool-macro-name ;;insert the macro into the buffer

C-x C-s ;;save the buffer

Now, it’s time to use the saved macro. If you have saved it in your .emacs you’ll have it ready on every emacs startup, otherwise it’s enough to load the .el file when needed (I prefer this way)

M-x load-file RET ~/my-buffer.el

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[emacs] save a macro « /home/edivad

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