Gioorgi New Look

A abbiamo deciso di rivedere profondamente il look&feel del sito, per sfruttare appieno l’aggiornamento alla piattaforma di publishing WordPress 3. Benché il layout a due colonne laterali+ centrale sia sempre stato considerato migliore per leggere, rubava troppo spazio ai listati e impediva di allegare immagini.

Per questa ragione siamo passati al nuovo tema.

Abbiamo anche introdotto un meccanismo multilingua.
La nuova home page si stabilizzerà verso i primi di Ottobre, con tante novità.
Il nuovo cambia anche il motto: ora è un più semplice “Be-Open-Source”.
Le nostre riflessioni sull’open source come pietra angolare dell’infrastruttura del software le potete leggere in questo articolo.

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A nice wordpress plugin

Author: Skullbit

Enhance your Registration Page.

Custom Logo Tired of that WordPress logo getting all the attention? Upload your own custom logo image and get your brand in the spotlight.

Password Field Hate those forgettable auto-generated passwords? Allow your users to set their own prefered password during registration. Includes that sweet Password Strength Meter from the Profile page.

Invitation Codes Is your blog super exclusive? If so, you better require an invite to join your high end crew. Setup multiple codes and track where your new users are coming from with the optional Invitation Tracking Dashboard Widget.


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A bunch of good plugins

Hi Sunday!
 How are you deare reader? If you are up at 7 o’clock (the publish date of this post), you are probably a very hard rock internet-surfer. And the strong surfer are IT Geeks often.

So we want to give you a small link: a collection of very userful and nice wordpress plugins which should work also for WordPress 2.7.
This set is nice because they are small, neat and easy to use, and well organized.

Now we are going to take the first coffe of the day, and what about you?

WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 1

After some time, WordPress 2.7 is out:

WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 1

By Ryan Boren. Filed under Releases.

With the release of RC1, we’re in the final leg of development before the release of 2.7. 280 commits since beta 3 have polished the new admin UI (including new menu icons created by the winners of our icon design contest) and fixed all known blocker bugs.

We think RC1 is ready for everyone to try out. Please download RC1 and help us make the final release the best it can be. As always, back up your blog before upgrading.

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