Here the’s crew collect a set of slogan we are using on our site. The slogan is the small summary which should describe the site (which is too beautiful to be able to describe in one “eternal” line…).

The slogan are mostly based on some humor related to Google philosphy.

Feel free to add your own, and be happy!

  1. 2012 Stay hungry, stay foolish
  2. 2011 Aboout Infoormation Technooloogy :)
  3. To KKK: Yes Obama is black. And it is democratic!!
    About Barack Obama Victory, in November 2008
  4. Wall Street: no panic!!
    The October 2008 crisis is under the way.
    At we think the world will not end soon.
  5. Because our freedom is indexed by nobody
    Google “way of life” could be good, but it is also a danger for us.
    When our freedom is reduced, and no explanation is given for our mistakes, we have less freedom.
  6. Be Evil: we are on Sith side! (TM)
    Slogan of September 2008
  7. Cooler than Google(TM)
    Slogan of Summer 2008
  8. Longer then Google (TM)
    Starter Slogan about “Gioorgi” being a little longer word then Google…and Gio is also sexier then Google!


Welcome to!  – Benvenuti in!

At we speak about freedom, economy and information technology.

We are born in the July 2008, founded by Giovanni Giorgi, an IT professional with strong culture background living in Milan, Italy.

Gioorgi  hosts articles in English and Italian: take a look to our sitemap, featuring also our editorial plan and then take a look to the last news related to the site.
The English blog Site contains a set of articles written for English-speaking people, mostly focused on economic forces under the IT.

The Italian part of the site contains Italian content, focused on economy and politic. trys to strive the better service to the reader: the projects are easy to access, the permalinks are short (no month & day on it, but only year).

Features are chosen with wisdom, and added with care. For this reason the default look&feel of the site is slowing evolving.

Tip: Take a look also to the “Research&Developement” section, called “R&D Scorpion”.

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