Org Mode parser 0.1.3 is out!

Beauty (OrgMode Parser 0.1.3) is here to stay!
OrgMode parser is a small nodeJS library to parse Emacs OrgMode files (more info at this link).

This version features:

  • Fixed empty header issue
  • Code Cleanup
  • Migration from jade to pug2 (new name of jade)
  • Added optional logging framework (winston)

Also I’d like to thank all the people contributed: I have a list now.




Org Mode parser 0.1.2 is out!

After  a lot of time, I am very happy and excited to announce a new release of org mode parser!

I thank a lot the contributors. In short, we have a stronger parser and a new html rendering based on jade template engine.

Also code blocks Support for source block enclosed in  #+begin_src / #+end_src are supported and marked with special CSS class and data attribute.

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Org2Blog is a nice Emacs package to blog on WordPress with Org-Mode. You can download it using the ELPA package manager, which is what I have done yesterday night. The Git Hub project page gives you a very clean explanation on how to use it, and a helpful FAQ.

Why it is nice

With this configuration you have a lot of useful features:

  • Emacs Org Mode is fair efficent to write rich content:
    • You can structure your text well
    • You can hyperlink content in a nice way
    • You get also verbatim source code (you need wp-syntaxhighlighter plugin):
      #This is a shell fragment
      find / -name '*.org' 
  • You can use emacs spell checker (with aspell) which is quite good, and supports also more languages then the WordPress default
  • If you add Visual-line-mode as minor mode, you get a very confortable editing experience.

Org2Blog is able to publish your org file only at the meantime, and it is unable to read it back. So it is one way only: a bit annoying. The author provides also in the FAQ a small python script to convert WordPress xml-export back to org-mode structure.

Org Mode Parser 0.0.6 is OUT

Hi all,

I have released version 0.0.6 of org-mode-parser for nodejs

Org mode parser is a parser for reading org-mode files in nodejs.

It features more then 80 unit tests, and support also for :DRAWER: and archive tag.

The parser can query on the structure, extract subtrees, regenerate the original input via an handy toOrgString() method.

It is quite fast: I have done some small optimizations, and it seems good for general use.

Enjoy and send me your feedback!

Do you have some feature request?

Version 0.0.7 is due soon, so if you have some idea, let me know!