Dart Sith move first

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So Dart Sith has just launched his first DeathStar, my young JavaScript fellow: a site devoted to the Dart language

Because I am a very old Jedi (1974, before ever the first WtartWars trilogy showdown)  I had to rest a bit before talking about it, so the news is 4-days old I know. I needed to think, reflect and write down: but now I am ready, Read on…

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Org Mode Parser 0.0.6 is OUT

Hi all,

I have released version 0.0.6 of org-mode-parser for nodejs

Org mode parser is a parser for reading org-mode files in nodejs.

It features more then 80 unit tests, and support also for :DRAWER: and archive tag.

The parser can query on the structure, extract subtrees, regenerate the original input via an handy toOrgString() method.

It is quite fast: I have done some small optimizations, and it seems good for general use.

Enjoy and send me your feedback!

Do you have some feature request?

Version 0.0.7 is due soon, so if you have some idea, let me know!


Org Mode parser for nodejs is here, right now!

If you love Emacs Org Mode, and you are looking for a JavaScript parser for it, you are in the right place!

I have just published an org-mode parser for Node.js, the Javascript based server a lot of guys talk about.

This first revision spot more then 20 non-regression tests, and it is ready for a prime time use. Anyway, production use is still discouraged because additional testing is needed. Feel free to email me or to leave a comment.