Is JavaScript a better evil then Dart? I am your father Luke….

And so you like JavaScript Html5 Web app, which can run on Safari iPhone, Nokia Windows Phone, Android web browser, Black Berry and so on? Are you on the mantra of multi platform mobile programming, aren’t you? Well,  Google mega corporation will soon awake you in a new nightmare: a new programming language!

JavaScript chops a hand from Dart Jedi saying
“I am your father Dart…. Obi One lies to you… come with me…”
“No… I cannot serve the Open Source, I am of the EmpOOire..”
In that moment, a space ship take JavaScript off to a safe Wikipedia entry.

Dart Dark remains suddenly alone…with its ghosts…

The secret email leaked about the Google strategy surrounding JavaScript, and the fate of the new programming language called Dart is fuelling discussions on the blogosphere. We talked about it two days ago.

The story is short: Google is secretly working on a new programming language called “Dart”. The project aims to optimize the cient side of Web 2.0 webapps, but  too little is known.

In this great article from Ryan Paul, he says

Google’s poor track record on open governance makes it difficult to place faith in the company’s motives and trust it to be a responsible steward of a critically important Web technology.

The Creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich obviously do not like someone with two bigs ‘O’ in the name try to criticize its puppy (we are human, after all):

Mozilla’s Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript […] has emerged as one of the most vocal critics of Google’s approach with Dart. […] he defended the long-term viability of JavaScript and highlighted some of the ways in which the standards process is leading to much-needed improvements to the programming language.

His commentary gained greater visibility when the blog entry was posted to the Hacker News website this week and sparked a discussion about Dart.

To describe better the situation, let’s use some graphic:


In our humble opinion, Google is not good as other ISV to support its software. Google Wave, Google Desktop Client and other minor API was destroyed in a shot, so the “API Stability” and the “path to migration” are outside of Google Company Culture for sure.
This culture lead Microsoft to offer a virtualized Windows “xpmode” to its Windows7 customers because WindowsXP was too important to let it die abruptly. By the way, it is the most successful immortal Microsoft product of the last ten years: it performed even better than Windows95.
Letting Google controlling a standard is a thing we would like to avoid, belive me. Google V8 is a nice because it is open source, so every one can take it to its home and mantain, as “extrema ratio“.

Said that, cold down your blogs!
It is difficult to say more without knowing two things: the Dart specification and the process Google will follow (if open source or closed). Even if Dart will be a “google creature”, there could be space for a ECMA-standardization in the near future.

I suggest you to read this article…”JavaScript is Assembly Language for the Web: Part 2 – Madness or just Insanity?
Think about all this things…