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Finding the good one: mithril

February 22, 2016

I have just read this insightful statement on this blog article about congitive load in Javascript jQuery is undoubtedly useful when dealing with browser quirks, but once an application grows over a few thousand lines of code, unstructured jQuery code simply becomes too difficult to maintain, and you start needing the discipline of a...

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Tool Command Language: il papa’ di Java

December 21, 2012

E’ notizia fresca di stampa il rilascio di Tcl 8.6, che introduce parecchie novità a dispetto del fatto che sia una “minor” release.   In particolatre Tcl 8.6 introduce un motore “stackless”, integra nel linguaggio le estensioni OOP, ed aggiunge le coroutine. Parliamo quindi diffusamente di Tcl, un linuaggio che ho sempre trascurato perché mi...

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JavaScript Wars: Xtend

November 20, 2011

And so Java, the old old King is still alive. After Scala, Clojure, NodeJS, and Dart, a new hero is knocking to its castle: Eclipse Xtend Will he succeed? Hard to Say, but Xtend is very similar to CoffeScript: Xtend simplifies writing Java code, but it doesn’t aim take the grab the crown with...

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Dart Sith move first

October 14, 2011

This entry is part 17 of 18 in the series Programming LanguagesSo Dart Sith has just launched his first DeathStar, my young JavaScript fellow: a site devoted to the Dart language Because I am a very old Jedi (1974, before ever the first WtartWars trilogy showdown)  I had to rest a bit before talking...

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Org Mode parser for nodejs is here, right now!

October 4, 2011

If you love Emacs Org Mode, and you are looking for a JavaScript parser for it, you are in the right place! I have just published an org-mode parser for Node.js, the Javascript based server a lot of guys talk about. This first revision spot more then 20 non-regression tests, and it is ready...

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Is JavaScript a better evil then Dart? I am your father Luke….

September 18, 2011

And so you like JavaScript Html5 Web app, which can run on Safari iPhone, Nokia Windows Phone, Android web browser, Black Berry and so on? Are you on the mantra of multi platform mobile programming, aren’t you? Well,  Google mega corporation will soon awake you in a new nightmare: a new programming language!

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JavaScript War: Prologue

September 16, 2011

This entry is part 16 of 18 in the series Programming LanguagesBe strong young Jedi. This war will begin shortly. You can try to keep you jdk under your pillow, but the html5 will hit you in the middle of the night. And a knife in the dark will rise from shadow: JavaScript

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jQuery 1.6 Released

May 3, 2011

jQuery 1.6 is now live and available for consumption! We’re quite proud of this release, it includes a major rewrite of the Attribute module and a number of performance improvements. Please take this opportunity to thank members of the jQuery Team and the jQuery bug triage team for their help in getting this release...

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Node.js is gaining traction

April 21, 2011

Node.js is a Javascript application server based on Google V8 Javascript Engine. Node.js has a very good package manager these days, with a bunch of libraries on it. So it is the new buzz.

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