AngularJS alterantive: Micro JavaScript framework on the 2017

AngularJS is indeed a good framework, but if you lose some grip on it (i.e. you go in vacation for 2 weeks), it is very complex to re-grasp.

Also I have seen junior JavaScript developer confused my $scope use.

JavaScript on client side has damned destiny: it is too easy to develop a framework from scratch: so roll you dice, cross your finger and find plenty of AngularJS alternatives

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Org Mode parser 0.1.2 is out!

After  a lot of time, I am very happy and excited to announce a new release of org mode parser!

I thank a lot the contributors. In short, we have a stronger parser and a new html rendering based on jade template engine.

Also code blocks Support for source block enclosed in  #+begin_src / #+end_src are supported and marked with special CSS class and data attribute.

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2017 Site redesign

After 6 years, is in “redesign mode”: site design is evolving!

New Site design will slowly roll out in the next month: stay with us until mid-January for new feature articles.

New shiny WordPress theme is on the go: menu bar and layout will “pop” during the next three weeks. domain has been dropped after 16 years: please udate your bookmarks because it is not here to stay….

A new strong oracle expertise area is on the go, like this article shows.