Emacs Multi cursor!

Some “new” shiny IDE feature smart multi line editing, for instance for easily copy-past a block of code and then modifying it “live”.
Sublime text has some feature like this…. and Emacs?

Emacs has a package for it called…Multiple cursors!

This video on “EmacsRocks” shows you some powerful use

Emacs insert series

In Excel you can easily fill in a column with a list of values.
Some times also in Emacs you my need to write down a bunch of similar code.
The dotimes function with the “elsp eval”
M-x : (Esc + : on windooze)
will solve your trouble easily.
Try out this code on scratch buffer:

(dotimes (i 15) (insert (format "Guys born on %04d will be %02d years old on 2017 \n"  (+ 1970 i) (- 2017 (+ 1970 i)) )))

and live happy

Also, in a regexp replace you can use the ‘ \, ‘ syntax to push an elisp expression:
For instance enter \,(1+ #1), where , indicates that an elisp form to substitute follows, 1+ is an increment function, and #1 is the first captured match text, interpreted as a number.

Example of camel case transformer:

M-x replace-regexp
Replace regexp: \(\w\)\(\w+\)Value(
Replace regexp with: get\,(upcase \1)\2(

Italian Accent Oracle fix

In Italian language we have accent words like àèéìòù

They are quite important because for instance “is” is spelled


whereas “and” is spelled


Accent are bad guys even today: if you copy them from MS-Word inside an Oracle sql script you can end up with different UTF-8 values.
Also the accent are likely to be destroyed if you past them in your html page without using the correct html entity (i.e. è )

Sometimes you need to export the data inserted with accent: an Oracle Virtual column can be an elegant solution….if you have at least Oracle 11g.


Also a magic update can fix some nasty problems….here the solution:


'à','a'''),'è','e'''),'é','e'''),'ì','i'''),'ò','o'''),'ù','u''') ));

Arduino Real Time OS Evolution (flash news)

A new version of an Arduino Realtime OS is on the go:

I have used with profit and fun NilRTOS, and I strongly suggest to you this new variant.

A preemptive multi tasking RTOS in a 2KB 1-MIPS, 8 bit microcontroller remember be the ugly time when a MS-Windows 3.x with 1 MB of RAM was an inferior operative system no-preemptive at all, but with nice software like Excel and Access

Org Mode parser 0.1.3 is out!

Beauty (OrgMode Parser 0.1.3) is here to stay!
OrgMode parser is a small nodeJS library to parse Emacs OrgMode files (more info at this link).

This version features:

  • Fixed empty header issue
  • Code Cleanup
  • Migration from jade to pug2 (new name of jade)
  • Added optional logging framework (winston)

Also I’d like to thank all the people contributed: I have a list now.