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Docker History

Bullet points: 1979: Unix V7 Introduced the chroot command to isolate the filesystem a process “access” to. Various technology was introduced up to 2006, like Virtuozzo (which patched Linux in a proprietary ways) 2006: Process Containers Launched by Google in … Continue reading
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Advertising from over 50 years ago

On a Milan advertising panel, after scratching the surface for summer maintenance, a very old advertising (older than me!) come to life:
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Introduzione a SQL Server 2008 Express

In questo articolo parleremo di Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Server nasce inizialmente da uno sforzo congiunto di Microsoft, Sybase and Ashton-Tate che nel 1989 creano tale prodotto avente come target OS/2. Dopo alcune vicessitudini Microsoft si smarca da Sybase e SQL Server … Continue reading
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