functional java

Project Ceylon

Gavin King (the inventor of Hibernate) fired out a new language project called Ceylon (I suppose referring to the Tea versus the Java Café). I love new languages. I know a bit of them, and I work with Java form 1995, so I will do a deep review of this news…


How many times have you read or written the same two or three lines of code that frequently seem to go together, and even though they operate on different objects, feel like the same thing? And how often these repetitions involve some sort of collections iteration or more generically manipulation? These repetitions in the code …

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Closure in Java: fast and nice!

Working for two very important Banks, I have the need to play with Closure in Java. I have a lot of trouble looking at a good description of the subject, until I read a post on StackOverflow. I have decided to re-cook this subject, adding a my specialized Example also. Let’s start!