ESP32/ESP8266 Wi-Fi Attacks | Hacker News

From: ESP32/ESP8266 Wi-Fi Attacks | Hacker News This repository demonstrates 3 Wi-Fi attacks against the popular ESP32/8266 IoT devices: Zero PMK Installation (CVE-2019-12587) – Hijacking ESP32/ESP8266 clients connected to enterprise networks; ESP32/ESP8266 EAP client crash (CVE-2019-12586) – Crashing ESP devices connected to enterprise networks; ESP8266 Beacon Frame Crash (CVE-2019-12588) – Crashing ESP8266 Wi-Fi devices.  

Esp8266 Music Machine

After months of esp8266 experimentation, I “just” discovered this little chip has also a I2S Audio digital interface. To discover it you must install the Arduino IDE adapter and code directly in C++ (brr, ok not a breeze but not boring like Java :) I2S is a digital protocol to send your digital  music to …

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