Job Interviews Ultimate Tips: you must know how to do ReactJS Forms

In the last year I did a lot of job interviews for frontend developers. Normally I ask to write a some codes, using some site like or site with limited functionalities like
Because I am a Java hard-core sw-architect, my ReactJS questions are rather easy.

I am quite surprised ReactJS developer are stuck with questions like

Design a ReactJS form with two field: message and publish date
Add simple validation to them like message not longer than 160 chars and no links in it (like http://... or https://...)
Log the user input when we push submit

I understand it is not easy to write code on the fly during an interview, there is some pressure, BUT if you write in your CV you know ReactJS, you must be able to build a small form in about 20-40 minutes. To let the evaluator understand better your skill, it is useful to talk about what are you doing, are you planning to do in the next steps and so on.

Also ReactJS base tutorials talk about how to make forms, so I did not understand where is the problem.

Last but not least, if you put the above specification inside ChatGPT, it produces pretty good code you can look forward to (and get inspiration).

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