Evil Open Source

In my personal top ten on open source software initiative with some original sin inside them.
Note: this is not a negative review, is only a snapshot of the world I see, I could be wrong, but please explain to me my mistakes, if any.

  1. TOP Class
    Create a big, high quality open source software and give it completely free.
    Destroy proprietary competitors raising the young generations with your top quality software, which should be complex and attractive.
    Retain control as much as possibile; when community ask for a step back, create a foundation and include you competitors but retain software guys behind the monster. Also be the first fundraiser will help,
    Notable examples: Eclipse, K8s
  2. MID Class
    Create a big and high quality software. Share the common core and setup a “plugin architecture”.
    Sell a “service” with some premium feature, but keep you primary income on a different market segment, if possible.
    “Steal” the best ideas from plugins, and include in the next release cycle.
    Notable examples: WordPress, GitLab
  3. Weak class
    Create an open source software but sell some sort of consulting service on it.
    Try to create a consultant ecosystem, but retain code documentation for you if possible.
    Notable examples: Liferay
    Variants: sell the software as a Service, keep the core open,  but prohibit others for doing the same (very difficult nowadays).
    The business model here is very confused or it is good but easily screwed by cloud gigants like Amazon.
    Also because the software is open, it is quite easy
    Notable examples: ElasticSearch

Organization is the key: you must attract developers and dive them.
The most pure class is the