PiHole Lockdown

Securing our privacy, defending our rights is increasing becoming difficult. Who can refrain from using Facebook or GMail nowedays?

No one. But my printer downloads update, track down my paper usage too often from my taste. We already reviewed PiHole in the past. After some trial and error, here my suggestions

  1. Do not put PiHole on RasperryPi. After putting pi-hole on a more capable machine, you get faster stats and a bit more stability
  2. Tune the blacklist/whitelist at your taste. My Sony Bravia cannot spy me, but I can accept some Amazone Advertising from time to time (!)
  3. After one month, my blocked address counts near 18% of the grand total (we use streaming services, video services and so on).
    On a larger period, a 16% seems a stabilized value so far. It is a big chunk: on 2 million queries, we got blocked about 260.000 queries
  4. The Google ad sense block reduce a bit the “spying” on your web habits, and you can enforce it blocking all advertising campaigns in a more aggressive way


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