Memory Madness 2020

In 1985, all my work started with a VIC-20 with 5Kb of RAM, and only 3583 bytes free for the BASIC. With 3 more kilobytes, VIC-20 would be able to unveil its more versatile graphic capabilities, but we have no luck.
In 1995 I got a 8 MegaBytes computer with 512MB hard disk as workstation for my University Exams. I was a lucky boy, and that PC helped me to graduate up to 2000.

In the 2020, it seems software is always more memory-hungry.

Take a huge and complex software like Oracle11g; when dockerized can run with 100MB of RAM. It seems very little nowadays, where an entry-price workstation has 4GB of RAM, right?

K8s needs 2GB to only starts its basic “microServices” api servers and stuff: and 2G is the MINIMUM for a production environment

Sometimes you need to step back and think about how you could be productive with 64Kb of RAM

Also, productivity is not increasing: some old Windows XP/ MacOSX can boot in less time on today hardware then the more advanced counterpart!


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