Boris, Challenge Accepted!

It all started with the Covid Lockdown. For the first time, Italy has complied with the RULES. 97% of people complied with the restraints imposed by a government that certainly did not shine out of charisma, perhaps fear helped.

Then we became the best in the world at managing the epidemic from Covid, the country with fewer resources than Germania and France.

A few days ago we changed a little piece of the Constitution, something that none of the super-leaders (Belusconi, Renzi) have managed to do in twenty years (!)

Finally, the English Prime Minister says that there are less contagion from us because the British love freedom more than we do!

Twelve months ago, this would have been a piece of satire.

Italy is (was?) – perhaps – the country with the lowest compliance with the rules there is in Europe. Where we specifically vote politicians who make contortionist laws not to touch anyone’s privileges, allow massive evasion of VAT consignments, where we have a law banning indiscriminate opening of pharmacies (in France there is no), where the Taxi guys are prevented a true liberalization, where accountants LIVE thanks to a hyper-faked system of tax laws, where notaries are needed for anything and you pass down the profession from father to son (e.g. in England or America you can buy a car with cash without performing great formalities…)

After six months of Covid we are the best in the world at dealing with emergencies, blindly obey and are the best placed country despite the explosion of contagion in all surrounding countries.

Boris, do you wnat challenge with us? Challenge Accepted