WebAssembly (often shortened to Wasm) is a standard that defines a binary format and a corresponding assembly-like text format for executables used by web pages.


WebAssembly code is intended to be run on a portable abstract structured stack machine,[27] which is designed to be faster to parse than JavaScript, as well as faster to execute,[21] and to enable very compact code representation.In March 2017, the WebAssembly Community Group reached consensus on the initial (MVP) binary format

Source: WebAssembly – Wikipedia

So after about ….24 years from Java, when Java Applet are officially dead from JDK 9 onwards, other standardsbased on a Javascript VM are here to stay, Hacker News has about 800+ items on WebAssembly and  “Calls between JavaScript and WebAssembly are finally fast”.

I think the next step will be to reimplement Java in WebAssembly (estimated in 5-8 years from now), byte compile typescript in web assembly (4 years), implement a IoT server to push webassembly to Mobile systems to show realtime data, and then end up lamenting webassembly too bloated (25 years from now, more or less  :-)

I should be able to pension in 20 years, so it will be an hard time….if you are with me, it will be better anyway.

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