The dark side of eLearning

My company gave me access to a bunch of Skillport
course. Courses was on Kafka and Docker and was rather old (2015). But the very bad thing was the absolute shabby approach of the course.
For instance to explain the use of Docker Label metadata (1 concept+ 1 command line example) Skillport proposed a 23 minute-video splitted in 5 section.
We are talking about a two-line concept.
It is impossible to study fast in such way.

The course diluition is too far. I suspect this give Skillport the ability to take a normal two-hour university course and transform it in several set of eLearning course.
I think this is very bad because you lost the focus and you end up wasting a lot of your work time dedicated to study.

To confirm this, the teacher speak very very slowly, but still miss to stress and repeat the relevant concept, wasting far more time than necessary.

On the good side, there are a lot of tests you can take before and after the lesson, to understand fast if you master the subject.

I would suggest less video and far more support material (notes, and exercises) which are often absent.

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