Rust Programming Language

I have done a quick peek of the Rust Programming language: it is very popular on Internet, it rivals with Go on the popularity score.

Anyway, I find it too much “Haskell-like”, with heavy rules and concept.


Rust Language first impact
  • Introductory documentation
  • Compiler Speed
  • Compiler messages
  • Documentation and rustdoc


Rust language is very precise, in the syntax there are difference between “,” and “;” usage like in Erlang for pattern matching.

Rust is not very “programmer friendly” for a newbie or for a casual usage. In this respect is a lower bar in respect of python or ruby.

Pointer borrowing is complex to grab, but very well explained in the intro book: for instance mutable reference topic is very well explained, step by step.

Rust compiler generate big “fat” binary because they seems all static compiled. Hello world start at 4MB, and after adding a bunch of library (redis client, random and logging) you go up to a 6MB in “release mode” (20MB in debug mode). Anyway it is a good trade off for a static binary.

Libraries are a lot and good, considering this language is relative young.

If you are considering a good alernative to C/C++ or Go, I think Rust can save your day. But take time to study it!

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