Playstation Now in Italy: Well but not Perfect

We have tried the PlayStation Now 7-days trial (after pricing is 15€/Month, 100€/year)

  1. Good Game Selection. Also PS3 and PS2 strong sellers are here, like Red Dead Redemption (1) and Bloodbone, Prey, etc 
  2. Seamless experience: the streaming never take a slow down
  3. Subscription has a 100€/year offer which is quite aggressive. We will see what Apple will be able to do.


  1. Downloaded game saves are not synced with the streamed one, you need a PlayStation Plus account to get this. It is too bad for a 15€/monthly subscription, isn’t it?
  2. PS Now offer streaming on PC too. But they seems to have trouble with the email link they pass to you to use it (see below). The link is okey from the playstation shop site.
  3. Some games like Horizon Zero Down, Red Dead Redemption2 are not there, a pity but understandable: Sony cannot destroy its own game market.