AngularJS alterantive: Micro JavaScript framework on the 2017

AngularJS is indeed a good framework, but if you lose some grip on it (i.e. you go in vacation for 2 weeks), it is very complex to re-grasp.

Also I have seen junior JavaScript developer confused my $scope use.

JavaScript on client side has damned destiny: it is too easy to develop a framework from scratch: so roll you dice, cross your finger and find plenty of AngularJS alternatives

There are a huge set of blog articles on React, Ember, Angular comparison, so I will stick with my experience here. Sometimes I need to set up some static site with stunning graphic and minimal code. So micro-framework and thing glue code is a viable way.

Vue.js is my first suggestion: very easy to understand and set up. It teachs you how to make a component fragment in the first API Guide page and it establish good practice.

Mithril.js is my second suggestion: it force you to write all your code in pure javaScript, it is fast and well documented. You must like to control all your view via CSS (not an easy task) but it can be an alternative.

Mithril author is a very clever guy, as you can see from this comparison with other frameworks.

If you need to make some nice graphic, d3.js is very impressive.

So Vue or Mithril+ d3.js + mojs+ underscore + jQuery can give you a very impressive setup with minimal effort. Also, learning curve is acceptable.