Why WISP is better then Virtualized.

I am happy when I am not the only one with bad experience with virtual machines.

I like a lot stuff like Xen virtual machines but…sometimes they did not soleve problems, they generate them!

While I was looking for hosting, I heard a couple of recurring questions from users and potential hosting companies:

Why not go with Linode/AWS/[other virtualized hosting]?

My own experience with virtualized hosting is that I/O performance can be very poor, and that it can be impossible to diagnose underlying I/O problems from within the virtual machine. For example, in early days of Pinboard we found ourselves hosted on a machine that needed to recover a RAID volume. This so crippled I/O that it forced the site onto a backup server for three days, and yet from the perspective of the virtual machine everything looked the same. The ‘physical’ device was still mostly idle, just a hundred times slower than it used to be. That and similar adventures cured me of any desire to host on a non-dedicated server.

via A Short Rant About Hosting (Pinboard Blog).

I have the exactly same problems. I changed from a semi virtualized hosting to a rocket Xen hosting. It was good, and I have a very good support. But I/O performacne was weak.

Mashape, Heroku, OpenShift and DotCloud are a good example of what a WISP must provide, even with some slight differences between them.

The bad things about this Service provider is they all use custom API to deliver similar result.



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